8 Books that Have Stayed with Me for YEARS

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Eight Books that Have Stayed With Me for Years

These books have stayed with me for years. I haven’t reviewed some of them because I’d read them way before I started blogging. I’m planning to reread each of them in the near future. Each of these stories moved me in a way that I have never forgotten and will never do. You might have read or heard about these books; however, if you haven’t read some of these books, I do highly RECOMMEND them to you.

The Bronze Horseman series – Amazing epic love story.

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) Tatiana and Alexander (The Bronze Horseman #2) The Summer Garden (The Bronze Horseman, #3)

I have never cried harder over a book. This series is SO beautiful in every way. The epic love story of Tatiana and Alexander moved me like no other. I love and adore this series SO MUCH.

Beautiful Disaster Series by Jamie McGuire – Fighter hero

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful, #2.5)

Travis is still my number one hero. He is one of the best heroes ever created. The love story of Travis and Abby is unforgettable.

Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens – Super angsty read

Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) Effortless (Thoughtless, #2) Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5)

I had never been a fan of love triangle or overly angsty reads before I started this series but OMG this series, even though I had been tortured many times, had won me over from the very first page.

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer – Paranormal read

Twilight (Twilight, #1) New Moon (Twilight, #2) Eclipse (Twilight, #3) Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)

Who hasn’t known this series yet? I don’t think there is a single soul who, at least, hasn’t heard of the movie version of this series. I know you might be tired of hearing about these books but I can never be tired of talking about how this series had affected me. It made me back to reading after I graduated from college. It was like my first love of romance book.

Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover – Forbidden read

Slammed (Slammed, #1) Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) This Girl (Slammed, #3)

This series was my introduction to Colleen Hoover’s writing. She has the ability to make even a simple story become extraordinary one. I loved this series so much.

The Dark Trilogy by J.C. Jacob – Dark, forbidden, taboo read

Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1) Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) Epilogue (The Dark Duet, #3)

This series was the books that made me IN LOVE with dark, taboo, forbidden romance. It was scary yet addictive at the same time. I remember how scared and hooked I was when reading this series that my now husband was SO afraid that there was something wrong with me. 😉

Love Me With Lies Series by Tarryn Fisher – super angsty read

The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies, #1) Dirty Red (Love Me with Lies, #2) Thief (Love Me with Lies, #3)

After reading this series, not only did I fall in love with the story, which was BEYOND AMAZING, it has made me a long time fan of Tarryn Fisher’s. She is one of the authors that was born to write. I will always buy anything she writes. This series is her best work in my opinion.

Fifty Shades of Grey Series by E.L. James – Millionaire hero

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3) Grey (Fifty Shades, #4)

This series, along with Twilight saga, were the books that turned me to be a romance book junkie. Who doesn’t love Mr. Grey? 😉

I’m a fulltime reader who can’t live without books especially romance novels. In addition to books, I love animals, music, and dance shows. I hope you find your next read through my reviews and lists of recommendations. You can recommend me your favorites as well by leaving a comment on my ‘Recommend Me Books’ posts or check them out for awesome recommendations.

73 responses to “8 Books that Have Stayed with Me for YEARS

  1. Beware Of The Reader

    Geybie The thief series aside and the Bronze Horseman that I still have to read we could be book twins! Read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma 😉

  2. Love this post, Geybie! There are so many books/series that have truly stayed with me over the years and it’s great to see which books have done the same for others. Even though I’ve only read the first book, I so agree with The Bronze Horseman. LOVED IT. It’s been 2-3 years since I read it and it instantly became my favorite book ever. Their love story was just… epic. I was so destroyed by that one and decided to put off the sequels until my heart could take it. Now here I am a couple years later! However, at the beginning of the year I did set a goal to complete the trilogy this year.

  3. Ohh I love a couple of these. Twilight! and The Fifty Shades! Beautiful Disaster Series looks intriguing. I may need to add that to my to reads list. 🙂

  4. I so need to read The Bronze Horseman! Everybody is loving it and I adore epic loves… only the time is missing. Anyway, great list. I loved Beautiful Disaster and Twilight, although that was many years ago.

  5. I haven’t read most of these series. I did read one of the Hoover books. I really should try the Bronze Horseman! Thanks for the recommendations.

  6. carolesrandomlife

    I love how differently people can look at books. I thought the Bronze Horseman was ok. I may or may not read the other books in the series. I read the Twilight series and I liked it but didn’t love it. In regard to the 50 Shades series….I didn’t like Mr. Grey AT ALL. I am glad that you did enjoy all of these 🙂

  7. I will! It’s one of those books you just know it’s going to be great even before you start. I just need to get on top of all the ARCs. Ha. Easier said than done, but I’ll make space for this one, sooner rather than later

  8. I also have some series that I read before I started blogging, so I haven’t reviewed them, but I plan to reread them because they’re stuck with me too! I haven’t read any of the ones on your list except for Twilight which I actually don’t remember, but it’s always great when you find books that are so good they stay in your memory for a long time!

  9. Drangonfly

    oh sorry I don’t love Mr. Grey. I actually I complain and whine about FSoG often. 🙂
    BUT I tease sparky vampires too and I really really like Twilight I have read and watched the movies many times and fangirl to death over them 🙂 and I liked Beautiful Disaster very much too even though I DNF book 2. Maybe I should give it another try since you like it so much. 🙂
    Now off to add The Dark to GR. I love anything forbidden 😉

    • I understand. Fifty is a hit or miss kinda book for so many readers. It was one of my first unconventional book so it’s been special to me. Oh yeah, The Dark trilogy is amazing but it’s also SUPER DARK. Really, really dark. Worth a try, though. 😉😁

  10. Twilight, of course. Read all of them many times. I have Slammed in my tbr, but for whatever reason I keep forgetting I own it. And I love Colleen Hoover. The rest I haven’t read although I have heard so much about The Bronze Horseman. Fifty Shades is just not my thing. You’ve given me some ideas Thanks!

    • The Bronze Horseman is amazing. It’s a historical book but it’s epic. And Beautiful Disaster is awesome. If you haven’t read both of them, I highly recommend. 👍🏻😁❤️

  11. Lauren Becker

    Fun topic idea!! I’ve been blogging for so long, but I’m sure there are many titles I never actually reviewed b/c I’d read them beforehand. One of my ALL TIME favorites is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it – so I need to do that – but it’s one I used to reread almost once a year.


  12. I’ve heard SO many good things about the ‘Bronze Horseman’ but haven’t ever really looked into what it’s all about. With all the rave reviews, I should remedy this. 🙂

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland this week, Geybie.

  13. Greg Hill

    Funny how some books stay with us. I haven’t read any of these but I love some of those covers- awesome! Especially Dirty Red and Beautiful Disaster.

    • OMG, I hope you’re enjoying it!!!!! Just don’t give up when it’s getting TOO MUCH. The hero will redeem himself at the end. Don’t give up on him. 😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I recently grabbed the Horseman books on audio. Slammed is the only thing by Hoover I have not read. Fifty Shades of Nope…lol I enjoyed the Beautiful and Twilight series. Great list my friend!

  15. Great post, Geybie! Unfortunately most of these books aren’t my taste, but I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them 🙂 It’s the best feeling ever when you have a set of books you know you can come back to and read time and time again and always love them!

  16. I don’t know why it’s not letting me reply under our conversation. Anyway, you’re absolutely right!

    I actually love perusing my TBR after finishing a book, scroll down and try to decide who’s gonna go next. All the possibilities!!!!

  17. I’m reading “When It’s Real” by Erin Watt. It’s really good, but the romance has picked up too late for my liking so I doubt it’s going to be a five stars. Also, I’m beta reading the sequel of the book I told you about on my blog, “Legally Mine”. Then I have “All In” and “The Butterfly Project” by Emma Scott since they’ve been sitting on Netgalley undownloaded for ages. Then I have another ARC (can’t remember the title, lol)and, eventually, The Chosen by Ward. I’ve been waiting for that book for ages!!!
    I’ve heard great things about The Gravity of Us and I adored The Air He Breathes, although it was depressing in certain points.

    • All In and The Gravity of Us are great, Talia. Yay, I need to read The Chosen. I’ve bought it but haven’t read it yet. I’m gonna check out When It’s Real. It’s by Elle Kennedy if I’m not mistaken. I love her writing. 😁
      Wow, you have a lot of options. I’ll check out your reviews.

      • Yes, it’s by Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick, both amazing writers! It’s on the YA side, so it’s a bit different from what I usually read, but I’m liking it nonetheless.

  18. Interesting selections – I am only aware of two of the series and haven’t read any (although my daughter made me watch Twilight). I love that we can have varied choices and still share our love of reading. This does make me want to think what I would put on my list. 🙂 Thanks for the discussion.

  19. *whispers* I actually didn’t love The Bronze Horseman… I did love both the Twilight series and the Slammed series, though. And I own the Tarryn Fisher one, too.
    I love it when series just blow me away and I keep thinking of them for ages after I’ve read them (Original Sinners!!!).
    Great list, Geybie 🙂

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