About Me

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!

My name is Geybie, an avid reader who loves writing about the books that I love. I’m also an animal lover. I’m married to the love of my life and have been with my husband since I was in college. We have two smart dogs that we love like crazy.

I started reading novels when I was in high school but then went on hiatus during my college years. I got back to reading novels after graduating and have since been reading constantly.

What were the reasons I started blogging?

I started this blog as a way to talk about books and connect with book junkies all over the world. This blog has since led me to an awesome community–passionate readers and book bloggers from all over the world–and to the friendships which I value the most. Moreover, this humble, little blog has introduced me to countless talented authors whose books have rocked my world every day. Being able to help promote their books has been my everyday joy I never take for granted.

What kinds of books do I love?

I love Contemporary, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Adult, and sometimes Young Adult romance.

What kind of reader am I?

I’m a mood reader; I read for pleasure. I’m constantly searching for outstanding books; the ones with ‘WOW’ factors. You can find them through my book reviews based on ratings and the top recommendation section on the sidebar of this website. I hope it will eventually lead you to what you are looking for.

What do I love in a story?

I’m addicted to happily-ever-afters. I love happy endings! Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic and proud of it. It is a must in every book I read. Even though I’m an open reader who is willing to read anything, happy endings are a must for me. In addition to happy endings, I love alpha, bad heroes as well; the ones with hot spots hidden inside, no matter who they are. 😉

Where can you find your next reads?

The books that I highly recommend are on BOOK REVIEWS (my favorites based on ratings, start from 4 stars) and on TOP RECOMMENDATIONS (my favorites based on themes, series, best of the year, etc). Please note that I don’t review all the books I post on the lists of top recommendations since most of them are the ones I’d read way before this blog.

Please note:

I do not receive any payment from authors or publishers for any book reviews, features, and recommendations posted on this blog because I value your (the audience of this blog and passionate readers who are looking for your next reads) trust very highly and will never compromise it. Therefore, you can always trust my recommendations. 🙂

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