Audiobook Review – The Learning Hours (How to Date a Douchebag #3) by Sara Ney

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The Learning Hours Sara Ney

The Learning Hours by Sara Ney

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone or Series: Standalone (part of a series)
Published on: September 26, 2017
Narrator: Josh Goodman and Muffy Newtown
Length: 10 hours and 8 minutes
POV: Dual first person POV
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5 STARS!
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I loved both The Studying Hours and The Failing Hours by Sara Ney, and have been starting to fall in love with audiobooks. More often than I’m willing to admit, I have been binge-listening to podcasts lately. Therefore, when the publisher asked me to review the audiobook of The Learning Hours by Sara Ney, I jumped right into it. This is a standalone, college romance but best to be read after the previous books.

The story:

The Learning Hours follows a new transfer student and wrestling athlete, Rhett. Being a new student in a new college has come with its ups and downs. Unfortunately, the downs dominate the ups. During his first few weeks in the new college, he has experienced some troubles caused by his teammates and roommates because of his personality and lifestyle. Unlike the other athletes his age, he is considered different; he doesn’t date, party, do hookups like any other guys. He is a sweet, responsible guy despite his outside appearance.

Laurel is a beautiful girl and one of the popular girls on campus. However, unlike the other girls, she has decided to leave the old lifestyle she used to love. When she first sees Rhett, she doesn’t see anything special about him. However, the more she gets to know him, she finds herself connected with him. The kind of attraction that is foreign to her since no guys have ever held her attention beyond physical attraction before.

“Rhett Rabideaux may not be prince charming but he’s something else entirely: he’s real. He is who he is, and makes no apologies. He’s polite and sincere.” 

My thoughts:

I fell in love with the uniqueness of this story. I’m used to alpha, bad, popular guys with their insecure girls but have never come across any stories in which the heroes are the insecure, so-called unattractive ones. That was unique for me. Not only was it refreshing, it called my attention like no others. I always love reading something different which I haven’t encountered before; especially if it manages to keep my interest until the last page.

I loved the hero. The hero was the character that everyone could relate to especially when you had been through the phase of life where you were feeling you were not attractive or good enough for anybody. He showed every emotion that spoke directly to my heart. I felt and rooted wholeheartedly for him. I loved that he stayed through to himself despite the obstacles thrown at him. He never wanted to change who he was and that was what connected me to him.

The heroine was great. Her confidence and kindness greatly added to her overall beauty. Despite being ridiculously beautiful, she was more mature than the girls around her and their immaturity didn’t affect the way she treated others. She knew who she was and owned it which what I loved about her the most. If you love strong and confident heroines, you would fall in love with Laurel.

“God, how could I ever thought he wasn’t attractive when now, he’s the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen.” 

The narrators did AMAZING jobs voicing the whole story. I loved that there were two narrators for each male and female voices and they perfectly captured the nuances and types of characters. Hence, it made it easy for me to follow the story and connect with the characters. I could listen to their voices all the time without getting bored.

Unfortunately, some things disconnected me greatly from the story. I didn’t connect with the dialogs and inner voices. While I enjoyed the slow-burn romance and the message this story conveyed, I found the dialogs and inner voices were immature. They didn’t speak to me as deeply as I would have loved. It felt as if it was the story about two teenagers who have problems in their teenaged, dating lives. While appreciated and, at times, enjoyed it, I wanted to see something more than physical attraction—a deeper, more mature, emotional connection.

All in all, I enjoyed listening to The Learning Hours by Sara Ney despite my issue. It is a unique story with great characters and awesome narrators. There were a lot of things I loved which I believe most readers would.

“I’m quickly learning that Rhett Rabideaux isn’t most guys.”

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37 responses to “Audiobook Review – The Learning Hours (How to Date a Douchebag #3) by Sara Ney

  1. Jenea

    It’s too bad that their dialogues made it seem like they were a lot younger, I think that would be a little frustrating to me as well. Other than that, it sounds like it would a good read and I am glad that you were still able to enjoy it.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book. I’d definitely like to check this one out! Sorry to hear about those distracting points though.. And it was definitely irritate me hearing them speak like they were just in their teens. Still.. Sounds fun!
    Great review! 😉

  3. wait, this one actually had two narrators? oh man that is definitely awesome and rare? glad you loved the story from the first page till the rest! those are that types that I just devour.

    • This was my second audiobook, Nadene. I’m still a newbie myself when it comes to audiobooks. I still prefer books to audiobooks but I had a great time listening to them. I hope you’ll try one soon. I took me some time to get used to. 😁

  4. Great review Geybie! You introduced me this series and they are in my TBR so thank you for that 🙂 I never tried audiobooks. I know some people love them but I am not really sure if it is for me. Before I decide I want to try one or two. Corina from Book Twins Reviews recommended Maghan March audiobooks but I still didn’t get a chance. I know you said you are a newbie at audiobooks too but any recommendations?

    • I only read two so far, Mia. I’m not sure which one to recommend you. The first one had a great story (I enjoyed it) but unfortunately only had one narrator (female). Well, This one had great narrators (male and female, which was a plus) but I didn’t enjoy the story as much.
      I’ve heard great things about Meghan March’s books. Plus, Corina and TJ’s recs are awesome! I think you’d enjoy them. 😁

  5. I’ve got the other book in the series in my list, and just like the latter this one sounds like a very sexy read indeed. Awesome review Geybie 🙂

  6. I always get a kick out of those heroes who are so vulnerable….they are my favorites and aren’t done often enough. I definitely will be reading this one soon.

  7. I do like the sound of this one and the title of the series is hilarious. I’m not sure I could get past the immaturity of the dialogue though. It’s hard to root for an HEA when it feels like the main characters are children. Great review!

  8. I loved the narrators but I wanted to throat punch Laurel. I thought she was so narcissistic. I did appreciate the flip the script type of story with Laurel being the douchebag and Rhett being awesome. But, ugh I hated Laurel.

    • Oh yeah, she was. Haha.. maybe because I wasn’t used to the over confident heroines. Hehe.. She was too much sometimes. 🙈😁

  9. I thought changing it up and making the girl the “douchebag” was an unique twist that nobody saw coming. I love her books, and I always enjoy a little jerk in my heroes. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 😀

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