Audiobook Review – Once Perfect (Shattered Past #1) by Cecy Robson

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Once Perfect by Cecy Robson

Once Perfect by Cecy RobsonGenres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone or Series: Standalone (part of a series)
Published on: June 6, 2017
Narrator: Mercedes Moreno
Length: 7 hours and 48 mins
POV: First person POV
Source: Gifted for review
Rating: 4 STARS!
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This is my first read by Cecy Robson and my first audiobook review ever, which I was so excited about. I could not tell you enough how excited and grateful I was when Kim from Caffeinated Book Reviewer (thank you!) gave me this for review since I have been planning to try audiobooks for months. Before I elaborate what I think and feel about this audiobook, let me tell you what the story is about first.

The story follows a nursing student named Evelyn who is also a part-time waitress to support her school. While she enjoys her job, she keeps to herself while working most of the time. She doesn’t make friends and always avoids social gathering with her co-workers. Everyone thinks she is weird and she doesn’t do anything to prove them otherwise. Deep inside, she is lonely but her painful past keeps coming, haunting her dreams, and messing with her head no matter how hard she tries to live as normal as possible.

Mateo is one of the bouncers in the bar she works in. He is one of her co-workers she is silently attracted to. However, her attraction to him is mixed with fears. His history as an ex-con and his built (tall, dark and muscular) make her uncomfortable. His job as the leader of the bouncers who forces him to beat everyone who is threatening the customers on a daily basis doesn’t help the situation as well. She hates violence since it triggers the past she wants to forget and he reminds her of it.

For seven months she has managed to ignore him until one event brought them closer. She then realizes he is not the man she thought he was. Behind the outside persona and his past, he surprises her by being the total opposite she thought he was.

My thoughts:

I love how the author tackled the sensitive issues this story brought up. It was brilliant and kept me glued to the story. It was rich with information which showed that the author did do some research related to the subject. Besides, it also brought a great message of how to deal with it if you were a victim or knew one who was, which I found very valuable. It made the characters relatable that I wanted to root for.

However, despite the heartbreaking background underlining the story, there was plenty of humor in each scene which made me laugh out loud. The author managed to mix the two really well and brought out all the emotions in me. I was connected to the story as well as the main characters and their issues. I felt for them and rooted for them to find their happily ever after.

I loved that even though the attraction between them was an instant one, their relationship took time to progress. It was not rushed and perfect considering the heartbreaking situation they have been in. Moreover, I loved how patient, understanding and thoughtful the hero was to the heroine. It showed a perfect example of how everyone should treat others especially the ones they are in romantic relationships with. He did everything beyond any of my expectations and I fell in love with him throughout the story. They both grew together and it showed in how they treated each other.

In addition, I loved that the angst was not overly played. It was perfect without making any of the characters look like a fool. The drama was interesting and still connected to the main issues. There was no any unnecessary drama just to prolong the story which I often find annoying in other stories. Everything was well-thought and well-maintained, enough to make me keep listening.

The supporting characters were all well maintained as well. Each of their characters shined, showing their unique personalities and the issues they had. I loved the fact that the author didn’t make any character a totally bad person without a reason. She showed the reasoning behind their actions, good and bad, and gave us the time to connect with them. I loved that some of the characters were given the moment to redeem themselves. It made the whole story relatable yet became such a lesson to learn at the same time.

I loved the female narrator of the story. She did breath a life into the story. Her voice did match Evelyn’s character. Besides, the pace was great. It slowed when it needed to be and became faster when it was necessary. I overall enjoyed it. The only thing, which was, unfortunately, a major one, that bothered me was the fact that the male voices were narrated by a female. I didn’t feel connected to it and it took me away at times from the story. I needed some time to get used to it at first and it wasn’t easy, to be honest. Had the male characters were narrated by a male voice, it would have left more impact on me.

However, as I said above, I overall enjoyed this story. I loved the characters, the plot, the romance, and the issues this story brought up. The ending was perfect considering this was a new adult. It concluded everything we wanted to know while still opened the door for other characters to grow. I can’t wait to read Lety’s and Sofia’s stories. This is definitely the story every new adult fans would enjoy, which I highly recommend.

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29 responses to “Audiobook Review – Once Perfect (Shattered Past #1) by Cecy Robson

  1. Oh wow. Not a bad story to start with your first audio book Geybie. Haven’t heard of this story before but I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. carolesrandomlife

    Glad you enjoyed your first audiobook! This is a series that I do want to pick up someday. Great review!

  3. YAY for your first audiobook, Geybie! I had a bit of trouble with my first couple of audios as well, but now, I just love listening, especially in my car on my way to work 🙂
    I haven’t read any of Cecy’s books yet, but she’s on my list of authors I want to read. Your review just sealed the deal 😉

    • I hesitated too. I tried one last year and didn’t even last one chapter. I quit. I think we just need sometime to get used too. For now though, I think I prefer books to audio.

  4. It’s because of Kimberly that I know about this book, lol I’m afraid I’m not into audiobooks, but I’m actually really happy you had such a great experience with this one 🙂 Great review, Geybie!

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