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Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: February 26, 2017
Pages: 314
POV: First person POV
Source: Purchased
Rating: 3.5 STARS
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This story follows a woman named Addison who is still grieving after losing her husband in a tragic accident one year ago. Her best friend, Sia, then convinces her to move out of the house she has been living in since before her husband passed away to have a fresh start. After having multiple nightmares plus countless efforts from Sia, she finally decides to move into a new apartment.

Although it took her a while to get used to the new apartment, she finally made friends with the other residents. Everything seems to be going well for a while until a mysterious guy named Cole comes and shakes her little, quiet world.

“Authority and confidence emanated from him, along with an aura of danger.”

When she first sees him, his commanding presence attracts her deeply and makes her unable to stop thinking about him. At their second “accidental” meeting, much to her surprise, he asks her out on a date. And as their relationship grows, so does her knowledge about him. She is then conflicted between the new mysterious man in her life and the ghost from her past.

 “He was dangerous, mysterious, and mesmerizing, but he was more. Kind. Considerate. I saw a glimmer of someone who cared.”

Please, don’t read the following if you don’t want any spoilers.

I thought this story had great potential since the idea itself—A mafia man falling in love with a still unable to move on widow—could be amazing if well developed and be a powerful magnet for attracting readers. Unfortunately, my excitement and high expectations crushed as I read this; it turned out to be something I hadn’t expected.

What were the problems?

Even though the beginning of the story was interesting and captivating, I had difficulties connecting with each of the main characters and them as a couple.

I had a problem with the insta-love happening between them at the beginning especially since the heroine was still grieving at the moment. It would have left more impact on me had their relationship gradually progressing, giving the time for them to know each other first before getting physical; it would have given their relationship a strong foundation and made me connect with them as a couple as their story progressed.

Moreover, I found it weird that the hero didn’t show any emotions when the heroine talked about her painful past, which mostly including how she’d lost her husband. He was just standing there, doing nothing as she kept talking; that happened in almost all of their conversations about her painful past. I was hoping something more from him, considering it was the most traumatic event in her life. “Please, show something that you actually care!” Nothing. All the reactions I got were “looking at her, kissing, and then looking again.” There were no thoughtful and deeper conversations initiated by him, which made me SO disappointed.

In addition to his lack of emotions in their intimate conversations, I also found him not living up to my expectations as an ALPHA MAN.

“Mafia. He’s not in the mafia, Addison. He is the mafia.”

As the leader of a big and powerful mafia family who was feared by many (as the rumor and numerous facts showed), the way he talked and acted (except when he was with a gun) showed that he was not as ALPHA as I would have wanted. It was contradicted with all the buzz surrounding him from his enemies and even those who were close to him. His soft side was too soft for me and didn’t move me either.

The other problem I had was about the heroine. She easily agreed to go out on dates with him when she knew nothing about him, even after he blatantly said he didn’t want her to know anything about him, including his last name. As far as she knew, he was a complete stranger to her, but she had no curiosity and efforts to find out the truth, which I believed any normal human beings would have done had we been in her shoes. That was irrational.

However, despite my issues, I did love the friendships between Addison and her best friend, Sia. They always wanted the best for each other while still being respectful of each other’s feeling and privacy. And in addition to their friendship, I did love Cole and Carter’s relationship. Similar to Addison and Sia’s, they also had a solid, loyal, strong one that was stronger than blood relationship. The kind of friendship that I always I admire. 🙂

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17 responses to “Book Review – Cole by Tijan

    • Thank you, Angie. Agree with. Those two things don’t work for me. It was so sad since I’d been dying to read this author’s books. I’ll definitely read her next books or her previous ones. 😀

  1. Sophia Rose

    Oh, yes, it’s tricky to have a new romance start when one characters is grieving a dead spouse. Yeah, I’d want a bit more emotion from him and to see him act like an alpha mafia don, too.

  2. carolesrandomlife

    Too bad this book didn’t live up to your expectations. I think it would be hard to write a convincing romance involving a woman still grieving the loss of her husband. She would need to be over that completely before she could possible move forward.

    • Agree with you, Carole. I do understand that it is tough to write that kind of story but has great potential if done right. It would have been great if he had helped her to heal before their relationship got deeper.
      Thanks for stopping by, Carole. Have a great weekend. 😀

  3. Sorry, this didn’t work so well for you. I do like the premise. Yeah, even nonverbal guys will at least hug someone who is sharing a difficult story or hold their hand…weird.

    • He did do something but not enough for me. I was hoping at least more meaningful gestures or words from him.
      Thanks for stopping by, Kim. Have a great week. 😀

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