Book Review – Collared by Nicole Williams

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Collared by Nicole Williams

Collared by Nicole Williams

Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: March 22, 2016
Pages: 364
POV: First Point of View
Source: Purchase
Rating: 4 STARS
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The moment I read the blurb, it is enough for me to one-click this book. My curiosity and excitement were high along with the expectation which I rarely felt over a book. Collared by Nicole Williams had me right from the first page and left its mark which I would always remember.

The story:

Jade Childs had everything any seventeen-year-olds could ask for. She had loving, protective parents, two siblings who loved her (and vice versa) and a handsome, loyal boyfriend, Torrin, who adored and worshipped her. They both were head over heels in love with each other where promises were made and the future of happily ever after was their dream. Two young souls who loved deeply and fiercely until one fateful night changed their lives forever. It was the night she was kidnapped.

Her family and Torrin did all their best to find her for years without any results. Ten years later, when the community has given up, her family has lost hope and everyone seems to have moved on, her boyfriend never gives her up. Finding her has been his only mission and still is now. Never move on and never give up, until he finally finds her.

“Time, circumstances, tragedy—nothing can change that. You and me, there isn’t an over for us.”

Being rescued and brought back to her old world is equally terrifying as the day she was taken against her will. She has to face the fact that she has changed and so have the people she love, and adjusting to the new life is way harder than she has ever thought. Battling the demon inside her while trying to pick herself up is an everyday battle.

My thoughts:

He’s not supposed to be the one… but he’s always been The One.

The thriller and forbidden elements were what excited me the most since those are my favorites. Having one of those was amazing, so the fact that both were present in this story was beyond fantastic. I devoured this book right away, without skipping, and connected with the heroine from the very first page. She felt so real I was feeling like I had been living her life. The story started out amazing and continued until around thirty-five percent when I was stumbling over my first issue.

For someone who had been kidnapped and caged for ten years, I found some of her actions were too hard to believe. It might have been because of my deep emotional connection to her that I could feel when something was not right—I couldn’t portray myself doing what she was doing after what had happened—or the fact that my expectations were too high in the beginning, I couldn’t ignore any inconsistency or out-of-character actions. Either way, it emotionally affected me.

In addition to it, the romance was not strong enough for my liking. While I understood the reasons behind it and appreciated the fact that the author took the time to show the heroine’s growth, I wanted to see more intimacy between the main characters. Their relationship, as sweet and acceptable as it was, considering their situation, felt more like a friendship, at times, than two soulmates whose love had endured the years of hardship. I would have liked to see a more passionate, deeper and stronger connection between them.

The ending had me want for more although I did understand the reasoning behind it. Even though I loved watching what kind of woman she had become, I would have loved to see more of them being together as a couple and had the time to connect with them since that was what was missing throughout the story. The book ended when the romance was just starting to take off.

However, it didn’t mean I didn’t like the whole story. I loved watching how Jade grew and the choices she made to focus on getting herself better first. It was fascinating to watch her work on herself while still doing unselfish things to those she loved. I believed everyone who has been through traumatic events and is currently trying to pick themselves up could relate to Jade’s journey.

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

I also admired Torrin’s devotion and unending love to Jade. For him, she was the only one. He was the kind of hero who would melt your heart even though you were not a fan of romance. His constant support, understanding, and patience were the factors of her growth; therefore, even though the romance was not as strong as I hoped, the hero was the winning point for me.

“I would have waited for you no matter how long you took. A month, a year, an eternity. I would have waited.”

All in all, I enjoyed Collared by Nicole Williams despite my issues. It is a well-written, heartbreaking love story that I recommend to those who love a clean romance, with a little bit mystery and forbidden love.

His strong hand grips the side of my neck, and he aligns his eyes with mine. “I’ve been sure about you since I was fifteen years old. And I’ll be sure about you for the rest of my life.”

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18 responses to “Book Review – Collared by Nicole Williams

  1. That title had ne thinking thus book would go in an entirely different direction, lol. This story still sounds really good. More character growth and less romancd spunds like something I would absolutely enjoy. Thanks fir sharing your honest opinion!

    • Thank you, Kim. Sometimes it’s hard to review this kind of story when you find yourself wanting more but you love the reasons the author wrote it that way. 🙈😁

  2. This does sound like a lovely story, but it is a shame when the intimacy between the couple in the story got the back seat which sometimes can happen if other factors are written more focused.

    • Yeah, it is, Nadene. I think you’d love it. I still enjoyed it big time, but you know, sometimes I’m hungry for “more” passionate romance. 😉😁
      For this story, I think the author did great.

  3. “I would have waited for you no matter how long you took. A month, a year, an eternity. I would have waited.”

    Dang! That line already got me. Can I have my own Torrin too?

  4. Amazing review Geybie! And I want a Torrin too please! Who doesn’t give up after 10 years, just wow! I think I will be reading this too and my dear friend your reviews are really bad for my TBR because thanks to you it is keeep getting longer 🤣 💕

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