Book Review – The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley #1) by Devney Perry

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The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney Perry

The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley #1) by Devney Perry
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: March 9, 2017
POV: First Person Point of View
Pages: 374
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4 STARS
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What a stunning story. The Coppersmith Farmhouse is an amazing debut book by Devney Perry. It is the first book in the Jamison Valley series but can be read as a complete standalone. Before I talk specifically about this book, I want to thank the author for writing such a beautiful story. I cannot wait to read her next works.

What is the story about?

One old farmhouse brought them together. It could also tear them apart.

After losing the only person who cared for her and her daughter, Georgia moves into a small town to start a new life. She has inherited a beautiful farmhouse from Ben after he passed away and has been instructed by him to move there. Ben was an elder she met in the hospital she was working in. They hit it off soon after they met. He had kind of adopted her to be his grandchild, along with her daughter, Rowen. When he passed away, it was a devastating moment for Georgia and her daughter, Rowen. They both loved him as much as he loved them.

Moving to a new town is both exciting and terrifying. Exciting that they finally can start their new adventure, but terrifying since they don’t know anyone in the town yet. Everything has finally settled in the first week. Rowan has started school and seemed to adjust really well and she has found a job at a local hospital as a nurse, met new friends, got to know several people. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, except a handsome, hot sheriff. The moment she lays her eyes on him in the hospital, she is attracted to him; he is the most perfectly attractive and ruggedly handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on. However, her feeling soon is replaced when she finds out that he is a complete jerk.

“Seated on my stool, I had to tip my head way back to examine his face.  I blinked a few times because this man was so ruggedly handsome I had to be imagining him.”

“Are you about done drooling over me so you can finish patching him up?” he snapped.

Jess has taken care of the farmhouse almost all of his life. He did it for Ben, the man who had cared for him when he was growing up. The only man that had taught him everything and had been a father (grandfather) figure in his life for years. He owed him his life, so taking care of the house that Ben loves has been his priority. The moment he heard about Ben’s passing and he had gifted the house to the young woman named Georgia who has taken care of him, he has been devastated. He thinks she has stolen the farmhouse, which should have been his, by tricking an old man in his final years. His hatred toward her gets increased the moment he met her, mostly because she is the most beautiful, stunning woman he has ever seen in his 34 years life, which is something he does not prepare for.

What did I feel and think about it?

I’m not going to lie, I was not sure I was going to love it at the beginning. Their first meeting did not go smoothly. He left her confused on why he treated her that way, so he made her think negatively of him. Her behavior when he was around was something I could not stand at times. It felt like too childish. Moreover, I thought the writing could have provided more details. As much as I love a fast-paced story, I crave a more in-depth writing when it comes to describing the characters’ feelings. I was glad that their negative interaction did not last long and the writing improved rapidly as the story progressed.

When the story progressed—the main characters started to get to know each other, their relationship changed, and the drama picked up—, I was hooked and couldn’t put my iPad down until I reached the last page. I was experiencing the thing every romance reader always craves and dreams, connecting with the characters, their story, the drama, and loving every single one of them. I was experiencing a book heaven. Something I always crave in every book I read, which, unfortunately, happens not as much as I hope. The feeling of pure joy when I discover a great read.

The way their relationship grew felt real, believable and appropriate. It was not rushed, although the physical attraction between them was off the chart from the beginning. They both took the time to get to know each other, the beloved ones in each other’s lives, and be open about their pasts and secrets that only both of them knew in the world. They built the foundation of their relationship on love, openness, and trust. It was heartwarming, beautiful and appropriate especially for her as a single mother. The aspect of believability of their relationship was awesome. We could feel it and believe that it would last.

Have I told you that Jess was one of the best alpha heroes? He was far from perfect, but he was a genuinely loving and caring man. One thing I loved the most about him was that he admitted when he made mistakes and redeemed himself. This bossy, demanding, and somewhat controlling, flawed man did sweep me off my feet and made me swoon and root for him. Even when he was not on his best behavior, he was still charming, because of his pure heart and great intentions for his loved ones. He did everything to show his love in his flawed ways. On top of it, I loved how he interacted with her daughter, Rowan, and dealt with Georgia’s insecurities and her fears of getting hurt again.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jess. Why you’d be with me. I’m just me. And you’re you. The whole town knows you and loves you. You’re perfect. So handsome it takes my breath away. And I’m just plain old me…

“Listen. To. Me,” he said. “I’m with you because you’re who I want to be with. Because to me, it makes perfect fucking sense. Even if you don’t see it yet. You’ve got beauty like I’ve never laid eyes on before. It was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw you in the ER room with Milo. You’re not plain. Get that shit outta your head. You’re my girl because I want you to be my girl.”

The drama was thoughtfully written. Nothing was felt unpurpose or thrown in the middle of the story for the sake of creating an additional, unnecessary drama just to prolong the story. Everything was well thought and connected to all characters, especially the main ones, and served the purpose of the whole story. The twists and secrets revealed throughout the story would make you anxiously turn the pages and fully immersed in the story.

All in all, this is a beautiful, well-written love story with great characters, a swoon-worthy alpha male, and good drama/actions. The angst, jealousy, misunderstandings, the stages to get to know each other, the community, and all the things surrounding the main characters (the twists and secrets) will make you read with your anticipation high and find yourself unable to put this book down. I cannot recommend this book enough to those interested in alpha males, single mothers with adorable kids, and small-town stories.

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  1. Sophia Rose

    Oh yes, that one does start rough, but swoon, he apologized and changed for her. It does sound like a lovely written story. Thanks, Geybie!

  2. carolesrandomlife

    This sounds like a good read. Characters that can admit when they make mistakes are nice. I am glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.

  3. Great review, Geybie! I really like the sound of this one. At first I was thinking that Jess really sounded like a jerk but reading on into your review it makes sense why he felt such animosity for Georgia. And I love a good alpha who is strong but can also admit when he’s wrong. I’ll definitely be looking for this one!

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