Book Review – Deklan by Shay Savage

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Deklan by Shay Savage

Deklan by Shay SavageGenres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: June 20, 2017
Pages: 419
POV: First person POV
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4.5 STARS
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As some of you know, mafia stories are my favorite. I love unconventional love stories that push all my boundaries and make me think. While it contains violence and murders, they are not heavy and all fans of suspense, including the ones who do not enjoy taboo, sensitive subjects, will enjoy this story. It is a standalone story.

What is the story about?

Kera O’Conner is a daughter of a low-level gambler who owns small businesses. When she was fifteen, she was abducted and her father had to ask a mafia family for help but she had to marry the son of the mafia leader as a payment of her father’s debt. Realizing that it was the only thing to save her family, she agreed. After meeting her future fiance several times over the year she finally accepted it and even looked forward to the day.

Everything changes when she and her family are asked to come to meet her future fiance, who is now has been the leader after his father’s passing, one day before the arranged wedding. Her world then again goes upside down when she finds out that there is a big change. Instead of marrying the leader, she is forced to marry one of the henchmen, a mafia hitman/enforcer, Deklan Kearney.

“I’m going to take care of you.”

What did I think about it?

I loved the hero. He is the kind of hero that everyone will love I loved his personality: a brooding, giant alpha on one hand who is feared by many for his physical appearance and specialty in mafia world, but a gentle, supportive, protective, passionate lover who will do everything to his wife. What made me fall even more in love with him is that he takes his role as her husband very seriously. He treats her as if she is the most precious thing ever comes to his life—the kind of treatment every woman would die to have once in her life. I guarantee every romance lover will fall head over heels in love with him.

“He’s an enigma. He’s gentle and protective of me but arrogant and brutal with others.”

Kera might not be the kind of heroine that most readers love especially if you are a fan of sassy, badass heroines. She is the shy, inexperienced young girl raised in an odd family with a dictator father. However, her personality is actually matched with Deklan and adds a great flavor to their interactions. They both cannot be more different but yet everything works out really well. After knowing how she was growing up and her painful experience in the past, I found myself connecting with her. There are reasons why she becomes the way she is now and I understood and could relate to her. Her character’s development is perfectly paced, from the shy, innocent girl who is afraid of everything to be a fearless woman that knows what she wants in life.

Their chemistry is perfect: passionate, intense, yet beautiful. All those things combined with touches of humor made their interactions, in general, refreshing. Their emotional relationship evolves the way it should be, which felt real and believable. I could feel it and completely root for them. The first person point of view told purely from her is perfect for this story in my opinion. It made me experience things completely from her and see him as a mysterious man whose actions, at times, surprised me and had me more eager to turn the pages. I love the feeling of not knowing what the other person is thinking. It makes the level of my anticipation even higher.

“You’re mine now. My wife–now and forever. I will always protect you and keep you safe. No one will ever hurt you as long as I’m alive.”

The combination of romance and suspense in the storyline is awesome. It shows how great Shay Savage as a storyteller is. I would have wanted to see more variety in terms of details and dialogs but overall everything was great. I loved how these two elements blurred smoothly and balanced one another. Every scene directly related to the main characters and/or their relationship and not a thing/drama appears unconnected to their story. It makes the story easier to follow without being too simple. It was full of surprises and made me keep guessing, unable to put my iPad down. Moreover, there is a hero from another book making an appearance which adds to the excitement.

There were some questions unanswered throughout the story that I think would be great if being paid more attention, but those things didn’t affect greatly on how much I enjoyed this book. I highly recommend this to those who love alpha males, great suspense, and a beautiful love story. Trust me; you will fall in love with Deklan. 😉

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25 responses to “Book Review – Deklan by Shay Savage

  1. I went and got this one based on your recommendation but it doesn’t have an audiobook. So in the meantime, I’ll start Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

  2. Beware Of The Reader

    Ooh you convinced me Geybie! The brooding protector and the shy girl. I need it now! Thank you 😉

  3. This sounds so good! I haven’t read any mafia related but I like exploring my boundaries with books like these! Have you read First touch by Laurelin Paige? I LOVED that book. It was so much darker than I was used too. I think you’d like that one too! I’m going to put this one on my to read list as well. Your blog is killing for my tbr hahahaa

  4. awesome! I’m very excited to read what you’ll think of her books!!!
    I’ve read her Fixed trilogy and I really liked it but the First touch duology.. WOWWW.. just blew my freaking mind <3

  5. Oh my! I dunno, but I’m in the verge of crying when I read his characteristics. Haha, I’m always a sucker for a bad boy and I’m digging this one. My Declan, wait for me coz I am coming for you. Awesome review Geybie 🙂

  6. carolesrandomlife

    A great hero and great chemistry is a big plus for any romance. Glad you enjoyed this one.

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