Book Review – Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

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Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

Genres: New Adult, Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: October 24, 2017
Pages: 299
POV: Dual First Point of View
Source: Purchase
Rating: 4.5 STARS
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Forever Right Now is a standalone novel written beautifully by Emma Scott you don’t want to miss if you are a fan of beautiful, slow-burn romance that would make feel all the emotions and left you with a smile on your face.

The story:

Darlene Montgomery is a young woman with a past she is not proud of and trying to start a new life in a new city. She leaves New York City, the town that has been part of her whole life where her family and friends live, and goes to San Francisco with a mission, moving forward with her life where no one knows her past while focusing to be better and pursuing her passion again—dancing.

“I hate that no matter what I do, I’ll always be that girl. The girl who was weak and sad. Who had this big yawning hole of want in her, and filled it up with terrible shit.”

Sawyer Haas is a young single father and an intelligent, law school student who is working hard to complete his law degree while providing for himself and his daughter. With all the pressures on his shoulders, he doesn’t have the time for relationships and parties which all the things that young men at his age usually do. Hence, every day is a struggle and the last thing he needs and wants to do is having a small talk with a new neighbor.

My thoughts:

Emma Scott is an AMAZING storyteller. She knows how to turn a simple, everyday thing, which is sometimes overlooked, becomes memorable. The dialogs were rich, intense, and spoke deeply to my soul. I could feel them as if I had been with the characters and experienced it myself, not the one reading it. Combined with the fantastic inner voices from each of the main characters, her writing is one of the best, in my opinion.

Darlene was a remarkable character that showed an incredible improvement. She was a flawed human being who made mistakes but learned and tried her best to be better. I had never been that proud of any character the way I was of her. She showed how strong a human could be when they fought for what they wanted, no matter what their past was. Her straightforward, bright personality, and the way she saw life and lived it would make readers fall in love with and relate to her.

“If I could have just one moment, one feeling, and live in it forever, I would choose this one.”

Sawyer had a hard-to-crack demeanor but once you got to know him, you would see a beautiful, kind-hearted young man behind his outside persona. Her past that led him to be the kind of man he was now, not only would make you understand him better but singing praises to how remarkable his character was. He swept me off my heels with his flawed personality and beautiful heart. I couldn’t say how much I loved him and I believed readers would as well.

I enjoyed the drama surrounding the main characters. It was connected directly to the main characters and showed a great message that would resonate with every reader. It was simple yet contained the surprise elements I always loved in a story. It put me on the edge on my seat at times and pulled out all the emotions within me more than I thought it was possible even in a single seemingly unimportant scene.

“Acceptance is a kind of love too.”

The supporting characters felt like the real people we encountered every day. They were far from flawless but easy to connect with, even the ones who seemed like villains. I understood their motivation and reasons behind their actions and found myself relating to some of them in some ways. All the supporting characters were given the time to shine and it made the whole story unputdownable.

The ending warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. It ended beautifully with the whole characters had their versions of happily-ever-afters, which was endearing.

If you love a soul-touching love story, Forever Right Now by Emma Scott should be your next read. The kindness, sacrifice, patience, hard-work, and unconditional love in this story would touch your heart like no other. Trust me.

“You get back what you put in. Negative shit gets you negative shit. Positive energy begets positive energy. Whatever you put out there in the universe… it listens. And then it answers. So when I talk, I try to give it something it wants to hear and hope it answers with something I want to hear.”

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  1. Beautiful review, your passion and love for this book really shines in your words. I love strong supportive characters, especially when they come with their own set of flaws.

  2. Lovely review, Geybie! I just discovered Emma Scott this year and fell in love with her story telling. I now want to gobble up everything she’s written. And this one sounds wonderful!

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