Book Review – Heat Wave by Karina Halle

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Heat Wave by Karina HalleGenres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: November 16, 2016
Pages: 307
Source: Purchased
Rating: 3 STARS
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Second-chance romance, great angst, hot hero, and forbidden love story are the elements that I love in a story. I was ECSTATIC when I found out that this book has those elements. In addition to it, the author is Karina Halle; I loved her previous books. How in this world have I not already read this book is still a mystery for me now.

What is it about? Veronica Locke fell in love with Logan Shephard when she first laid her eyes on him. However, he then chose to date and married her sister instead. When her sister died, Veronica was forced—by her parents and the tough situation that she was in to find a new job—to work in the restaurant in Hawaii where Logan is the owner. Still grieving for her sister, her hatred and her strong longtime attraction that she felt for him make all the things between them become complicated. The problem is he is her boss and she cannot avoid him. When all of her questions about him and his marriage to her sister answered, things become even more complicated, especially when he starts to show that he is interested in her more than she’s ever thought.

Sounds great, right? PERFECT! I felt a giddy kind of thrill at how this story was progressing. However, as much as it pains me to say, I was disappointed with this story. My expectation was off the chart, so my disappointment was actually a big one. If you want to know why but you hate spoilers especially if you are considering to give this book a try, please don’t read the following since I cannot explain without any spoilers.

When it was revealed that Logan actually has had a special feeling toward Veronica, I was beyond curious to find out, since he chose her sister AFTER asking Veronica out to have drinks after party. He had his eyes on Veronica first, not her sister, but then she was forgotten after he saw her sister. What made him choose her sister? Unfortunately, his answers were beyond disappointing.

“Sometimes there isn’t some elaborate story why two people end up together. I was…dumb. Thinking with my dick.” I grimace. “Sorry. And I bloody hate talking about this, you know. Because I was blind. I saw your sister and she was beautiful.”

The fact that she was still with him after this conversation was what made me even angrier. She was his second choice when his relationship with her sister fell through (even before she died). He started thinking he was married to the wrong sister when he found out that his wife was not something he had hoped. What a selfish man. I lost any interests in him and them as a couple. The next scenes then felt too rushed. Their attraction felt like purely physical. Hence, I didn’t connect to the rest of the story.

On top of that, the way her sister was portrayed as a one-dimensional character was another disappointment. It didn’t show the creativity that I used to see in Karina Halle’s stories. It felt like an easy way to justify the main characters’ new romantic relationship. Yes, no one is perfect, but no one is THAT imperfect. I was hoping something more from this author since I loved many of her previous books.

The bottom line is this story has all the potentials to be an amazing forbidden, second-chance romance, but, unfortunately, it turned out to be something I didn’t expect and like. However, if you are planning to read this book, please don’t make my opinion about this book preventing you, but if you find this review helpful, then I’m glad since that is my purpose.

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