Book Review – Jilted (Love Hurts #2) by Sawyer Bennett

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Jilted by Sawyer BennettGenres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone or Series: Standalone (part of a series)
Published on: July 11, 2017
Pages: 210
POV: Dual first person POV
Source: Publisher (Inkslinger PR)
Rating: 3.5 STARS
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Jilted is my first read by Sawyer Bennett and enough to make me curious about this author’s other books. It is a part of Lover Hurts series but can be read as complete standalone.

What is the story about?

Eden Goodnight is an Academy Award-winning actress who is on the top of her career. She has multiple awards, a legion fans who adore her, and a handsome fiance who has a bright career of himself. She thinks she has everything she has ever dreamed of and been living a perfect life until she realized that it, in fact, has never been what she thought it was. Her fiance got caught cheating on her for months with his co-star and since it happened at his movie premiere, it became public very quickly.

Cannot deal with the public humiliation from the accident and the drama her ex-fiance has since brought up, she decided to come back to her hometown to put the scandal behind and get her head clear. However, the moment she arrives, it turns out to be anything like she planned. She finds out that the whole town hates her and she has to deal with the man she left behind, her high school and college ex-boyfriend. It’s getting harder because he is now hotter than he was fourteen years ago.

Coop was the ultimate package back when we were eighteen, and he only aged better.

Coop Mayfield is a sexy man who runs a great design company. He has a great business and lives in the town he loves. He has never been into relationships for fourteen years since college when he ended things with Eden. Marriage has never been in his thoughts despite the numbers of attention from the females he has gotten over the years. His life is his job and the last thing he wants is dealing with his ex-girlfriend who chose her career over him years ago, whom he has never forgotten about.

What did I think about it?

If you like a fast-paced read which includes a great second chance romance, you would enjoy this book. I honestly didn’t fall head over heels in love with this book as I hoped for but I did enjoy it a little bit. Sawyer Bennett tackles the second chance romance really well. Both of the main characters felt real and I enjoyed their conversation. They needed time to get to know each other after fourteen years long of separation and it was worth to see how they tried to work things out at the end.

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt better in my life. In fact, if I could keep this feeling right now, I would never leave. I’d stay here the rest of my days and I’d never want for another thing.

The thing that bothered me is that their relationship got physical too quickly and it happened not long after their dramatic first meetings. The timing felt a little bit unrealistic for me since the drama earlier seemed to have suddenly been forgotten. I hoped there was a little bit more time before it happened but the way their relationship progressed since then was great. It took time for them to emotionally connect again considering the years they’ve lived apart and I could totally understand it.

However, as their story progressed I didn’t really fall in love with the main characters even though I enjoyed how realistic their relationship felt. I wasn’t swooned by the hero and didn’t feel connected to the heroine. I didn’t really become her and it was hard to experience their story on a deeper level.  Their conversations, despite them being good and realistic, didn’t really move me emotionally. I didn’t hate them but I wasn’t obsessed with them either. I would have liked to see deeper, unique narration and special twist and turns.

All in all, despite my issues, Jilted is still a good second chance romance and I think fans of light and fast-paced read with a sexy couple and plenty of heat romance would fall in love with this book. As I said above, I will definitely read the other books by Sawyer Bennett in the future and look forward to the next book in the series. 🙂

(Thank you to the publisher for giving me this ARC for an honest review)

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23 responses to “Book Review – Jilted (Love Hurts #2) by Sawyer Bennett

  1. Oh, you weren’t as enchanted with Jilted as I was ;-( I do t really know why I had so much fun with this one, it was way better than In the Sticks, at least for me .;-) I’m looking forward to what she comes up with next.

  2. I have only read one book by Sawyer Bennett, and I found it lacking. That was years ago, and I haven’t tried her since. I’m sure her writing/plotting has improved. I should give her another go.

    Great review!

    • This is my first by hers, so I have nothing to compare with. Her writing style has so much potential but is not quite there. I’ll still be reading her next books though. 😊

  3. carolesrandomlife

    I love Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series but haven’t read any of her other books so I have been curious about this one. I am glad you plan to read more from this author despite the issues you had with this book.

  4. Sorry this wasn’t better for you Geybie! I had a lot of fun with Jilted, and I’m such a sucker for second chance at love stories, too. Like Book Twins Reviews, I enjoyed Jilted a lot more than Love in the Sticks 🙂
    Carole is right, the Cold Fury Hockey series is awesome, and if you want something that’s more erotica, her Wicked Horse series and her Sugar Bowl series are both good, too 😉
    Have a fantastic Friday 🙂

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