Book Review – Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven

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Adult contemporary romance

Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven

Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: April 30, 2017
Pages: 317
POV: first POV
Source: gifted
Rating: 4 STARS
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Mister Romance by is a great, unique, at times hilarious love story between two characters that cannot be more different that is beautifully written by Leisa Rayven. It is a part of a series, which the following books will be announced later, but can be read as a complete standalone.

What is the story about?

“We all need fantasies now and then. Sometimes believing our lives can be different is the only thing that keeps us going.”

Eden is a strong, intelligent, career driven woman who has a dream to become a great journalist. Although she loves where she works, she does not love her job. In order to prove herself to be worthy of a great career. When her sister tells her about a new information about the highest escort man whose clients are high-class New York socialites, she sees it as her opportunity to boost her career. After getting her boss approval, she starts an incredible journey to uncover his secrets.

“So what you’re telling me,” I say, as I pour two cups of fresh Joe, “is that this mythical man-beast [is] some kind of… what? Superhero gigolo?”
“He’s an escort,” Asha clarifies.
“Isn’t that just a fancy label for man-whore?”
“No. He doesn’t have sex with his clients.”
I pass her a tip of coffee. “You just told me he did.”
“No,” she says… “I said he makes their romantic fantasies come to life.”
“And that doesn’t include sex.”

After meeting Max, he challenges her about the things she has never believed in: romance and happily ever afters. Her cynic character also challenges him like he has never felt with his other clients and women he knows in general. She is determined to uncover his secret job and lifestyle and he is determined to keep it, so they agree to something that will change both of their lives.

“Wait,” I say, gobsmacked. “You think I’m going to fall in love with you?”
“No.” He takes a sip of wine and smiles. “I know it.”

What did I think about it?

I loved the mix of touches of humor and sexiness in their conversations. Their different backgrounds, characters, and point of view in life made their conversations refreshing and interesting, which made me smile and laugh. I loved their banters and enjoyed their struggles (mostly in her part) to compromise with the other’s lifestyle. Moreover, I loved that the author maintained their hilarious banter even as their connection and relationship deepened. It made their story relatable and fresh.

I loved that their relationship was not developed instantly. Their slow-burn romance was perfectly written which made it believable. It gave me a room to connect with each of the characters and eventually to them as a couple. It also suited the heroine’s character as a romance cynic, gave her a chance to naturally build an understanding and develop her feelings toward him.

“You’re not my client. You never have been. And even if you were, I’d break every fucking rule I’ve ever held sacred just to be inside you right now.”

I loved how great the heroine was portrayed. She was the type of heroine some people with commitment issues and busy lives could relate, especially when it came to romances. She was a workaholic who was very independent and never needed a man to complete her. She knew what she wanted and pursued it to no end. Despite her commitment issues, she was a strong, kickass heroine. I loved how her character evolved throughout the story.

“You’re telling me that women hire a man to make their romantic fantasies come to life? Come on. There’s no way that’s a thing.”

(The following might include spoilers, please don’t read it if you don’t want any)

However, as much as I enjoyed this story, two things did take me away from fully enjoying it at times. The first one was the role-playing things. I’d had a hard time to believe that anyone could pretend that something was true when she/he was fully aware that they were in fact just acts. The logical girl in me could not connect with such thing no matter how hard I tried to. I would have laughed out loud if I had been her in those scenes. 😀

The second one that I had a hard time to connect with was the fact that Eden’s grandma was very quick to support her relationship with the man she just met and did not know a single thing about except his good-looking appearance. That was unbelievable for me and I thought everyone might have found it difficult to believe as well.

Anyway, despite my issues mentioned above, I did enjoy this story and will recommend it to those who love unique, slow burn romance, swoony hero, sassy and strong heroine, light on angst, and a well-written love story. Trust me, you will fall in love with Max Riley. 😉

“Everything is ordinary until someone loves it, then it transforms. Suddenly it’s beautiful. Incredible. Priceless. Everyone deserves to feel priceless at least once in their lives.”

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  1. carolesrandomlife

    I love a romance with humor mixed in. A slow burn romance always seems a lot more realistic to me. Great review!

  2. I was already excited for this book since I adore Leisa’s writing <3 But after reading your review, I want to run to the nearest book store and get this book home with me RIGHT NOW haha. Too bad I live in the Netherlands, and most bookstores here don't sell English books and especially ones in this genre so I have to order online. I NEED THIS BOOK ASAP!

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