Book Review – Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan

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Preston's Honor by Mia SheridanGenres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Published on: February 18, 2017
Pages: 432
Source: Purchased
Rating: 3.5 STARS
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This story is a standalone, second-chance romance inspired by the Gemini sign in Mia Sheridan’s signs of love series. I love Mia Sheridan and have read almost all her books, which I loved and enjoyed. Her writing is deep and captivating and makes me subconsciously immersed to the story. I’ve never had a problem with her writing and she is one of the authors that I adore and love… My one-click author.

What is the story about? Annalia Del Valle and the twin brothers, Preston and Cole Sawyer had been best friends since they’d been kids. Lia was the daughter of a single Mexican woman and had a very tough life, whereas Preston and Cole came from what looked like a perfect family. They had two parents, a nice house and a big farm which means they didn’t have to worry about money. Unfortunately, not for Lia. It constantly made her feeling insecure being around them in school. Two things were certain in her life: She loved her mother despite all her flaws and both of the twin brothers in different ways.

“Yes, I loved two brothers—identical twins—but it was only one soul that spoke to mine. One soul, I’d always belonged to.”

Even though they were identical twins, they had very different personalities. Cole was a free-spirit, fun and loving guy. With his easy going personality, he was easy to be friends with and never had a problem to make friends. Whereas Preston was an introvert who was a little more on the quiet side and full of honor. But despite their differences, they had one thing in common, they both were very protective of those they cared for, especially Annalia. After knowing that both of them had the same feelings for Annalia, they agreed to do something that would affect their lives.

Mia Sheridan managed to present the uniqueness of each one of the characters and the emotions, complicated feelings that each of them experienced, which is what I loved about the writing. The characters’ feelings of fear, grief, and guilt were beautifully portrayed and the world around the characters were skillfully described. However, all these elements, unfortunately, were not enough to capture my heart. I had a couple of issues with some of the characters.

Even though I loved his thoughtful, caring and protective personality, Preston was a very weak guy (hero), in my opinion. I was disappointed in his choices. The choices that led them to the years of separation. He easily gave up on her in order to honor his pride, and then went to college and never came home for four years! Moreover, he and Cole did not do a thing to help Lia despite having been fully aware for years of her miserable living situation. No efforts from each of them (especially Preston) to help her when they could have done something in my opinion. The bottom line is I didn’t buy Preston’s “she is the one I’ve loved since the moment I first saw her” feeling for her.

While I understood the reasons behind her choices and genuinely felt for her, I personal didn’t like it. But, considering the situation she had been in and what she’d been suffering, she was not the only one to blame. Still, leaving your baby behind because you didn’t want the man that you loved suffered was something that I couldn’t accept. Yes, it was tough and complicated, but it shouldn’t have ended that way. The reasoning behind her terrible choice combined with how Preston handled it made me hard to connect with both of them.

The other issue I had is about Preston’s mother. In my opinion, portraying one-dimensional characters is an indication of lack of creativity in authors’ part. That’s why I was very disappointed in how she was portrayed. Even though we could see her change towards the end of the story, there were no explanations as to why she had done the things she’d done other than, “She was just a pain in the ass. Period.” Since I personally do not believe that there is any human being on this earth who is purely bad since born, I wanted to know more about her, the reasoning behind her hatreds towards Lia and her feeling unhappy about her marriage and the place she had chosen to live in.

However, despite my issues with the characters, I loved the theme about the acceptance of those who were in a minority and considered inferior presented in this story. Lia came from a very poor family whose mother was a single illegal Mexican woman. Even though she’d had a lot of insecurities growing up, later in her life she chose to become a volunteer for Mexican immigrants, helping those who were poor and not accepted by others. This powerful message was another thing that stood out in this story, which I wholeheartedly believe.

“Real joy, the kind that permeates your life and brings contentment to your soul comes from service. So no, happiness is not the word. Purpose. Contentment. Joy. To find those things, don’t seek happiness. Search instead for those who need your gift and give it away.”

The other thing that I loved is the ending, what they do to rebuild their relationship. There was no rush and everything was done right. It showed that, after all the things that had happened, they both were serious to help each other move forward and start a life together again. The ending did succeed to win me over a little bit.

Overall, I did like this book despite the issues and would like you to give it a try. This is a well written, emotional, heart breaking love story. 🙂

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25 responses to “Book Review – Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan

  1. Sophia Rose

    Tough situation. I didn’t know about this one so thanks for sharing your thoughts, Geybie!

  2. So sorry this wasn’t everything you’d hoped it would be, but I’m glad you found parts to enjoy! Great review. 🙂

    I haven’t tried this author yet, but I need to. Everyone has such high praise for Archer’s Voice.

  3. I’ve seen this book but was a little reluctant to get it due to the whole twin and one girl thing. I don’t really love love-triangles. But I haven’t read any books by Mia Sheridan before… Sounds like I should try one of her books soon.
    Love your review 😉

  4. I don’t like one-dimensional characters either 🙁 I’m sorry this book didn’t live up to the authors writing. I read the first one in this series I believe years ago, did enjoy it. Glad you still liked it for the most part, despite some stuff

    • Haha.. it’s the only thing I loved about this book, Kim. This is definitely not her best works. If you’re interested, I suggest you try her previous books. Archer’s Voice is one my favorites of hers. 😀

  5. katarguelles

    I still haven’t read any of her books and this is getting a lot of buzz. It can be hard when there are issues with the characters but it’s good you were still able to enjoy this. Great review and I have Archer’s Voice that I need to read soon.

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