Book Review – The Lucky Heart (Jamison Valley #3) by Devney Perry

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Lucky Heart (Jamison Valley #3) by Devney Perry

The Lucky Heart by Devney Perry

The Lucky Heart (Jamison Valley #3) by Devney Perry
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone or Series: Standalone (part of a series)
Published on: August 15, 2017
Pages: 350
POV: Dual first person POV
Source: Publisher (Inkslinger PR)
Rating: 4.5 STARS
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Devney Perry is one of the new to me authors that has become one of my top favorites. The Lucky Heart is the second book I read by her after falling in love with her Coppersmith Farmhouse. While this can be read as a complete standalone, I suggest you read the first two before diving into this story. Each book in the Jamison Valley series follows a different couple but interconnected with the others.

This story follows a woman named Felicity who was forced to come home after 16 years. The sudden passing of her ex-boyfriend two years ago had triggered the change even though she had to face her past—the one she had been trying to get away from for fourteen years. Two years later after considering everything, she finally decided to move permanently in her hometown for his mom and the fact that she has been unhappy living in a big city. Unfortunately, it is not a smooth sail for her.

Felicity’s Journey Home, as I deemed this new chapter in my life, wasn’t just about relocating back to my small hometown of Prescott, Montana. It was about making amends. It was about setting aside my mask and revealing the real me. For too long, I had hidden behind layers of false confidence and snide comments. I had disguised my vulnerabilities and insecurities with “attitude”. It was time to do better. Be nicer. It was time to show people that I had changed.

Felicity has been known as a ‘mean girl’ since she was a teenager and her behavior at her ex-boyfriend’s funeral has only strengthened the label. To live peacefully in her hometown, she is determined to change what people think about her and it has since been proved difficult and the fact that the man she has loved for sixteen years lives in the same town is not helping her as well.

Silas is a former marine who works on a ranch with her father. After having been enlisted for ten years, he has chosen to follow his heart and come back to live in his hometown, helping his father, doing what he loves the most. He loves nature and The Lucky Heart has always been his home. His quiet life then became complicated when the girl he has loved for sixteen years suddenly showed up in the town to attend her ex-boyfriend and his best friend’s funeral two years ago.

If she wanted to be friends, then I was going to try. We had a lot of history to overcome and maybe this idea wasn’t all bad. Maybe this was the way for us to move past all the hurt. I’d be her friend and then press for more. Because now that she was back in Montana, I wasn’t letting her go. I’d play it slow and steady. Put in the time. But one day she’d be mine. Just like she was always meant to be.

This time around, I didn’t want her running to me as an escape. This time around, I wanted her to finally choose me just because I made her happy.

My thoughts:

Small town romance is one of my favorite themes and this story did capture it amazingly. It always makes me miss my hometown whenever I read small town romances. I was growing up in a small town but has lived in a big city for more than fifteen years now. I love the elements of small-town romance: The nature, the quiet surroundings, how close the people in it, each family knows one another and will always be there to support when one is in need of help, the family gatherings that celebrate big events, big families and the problems surrounding them, even the gossips which was the negative effect of living in a small community. Devney Perry successfully delivered all of them—the things that I miss so badly.

I also loved the second-chance and slow-burned romance in this story. It was all well written from the background lives of the main characters, the reasons they separated, how they coped with the loss during those years, to the point that they decided to give one another chance. I could feel all their emotions and connected with each one of them. All those things helped to connect with them as a couple. Their relationship progressed at a perfect pace. Not too fast that made it felt unrealistic but not too slow that had me lose any interest either. I felt every single step they took and couldn’t be happier with the ending.

I willed her to open up. To be honest with me about her feelings. To give me the chance to prove to her that I was her safe place.

The chemistry between Felicity and Silas was OFF the charts. I could feel it right away and I was glad about the way they handled it from the start. To be specific, I was glad how HE handled their relationship and her feelings from the start. He was the kind of hero that would make any girl SWOON. His understanding and patience for her are some of the attributes that I loved about him. Seriously, he is every woman’s dream guy and definitely one of my favorite heroes. Besides, I loved how they both supported and trusted each other once their relationship had become solid. There were no any running always or making stupid decisions; every obstacle was dealt with the maturity that showed how strong their relationship was.

I loved watching Felicity’s growth. Her progress from a mean, annoying girl to be a loving, matured woman is SO fascinating to watch. I grew to love her and she is one of my favorite heroines. Her character felt real and relatable that I believe every reader would fall in love with. Moreover, I loved watching the other characters’ growth as well. Each one of them made the entire story the one we all can relate too.

Overall, The Lucky Heart is the story you will not want to miss if you are a fan of a small town, second-chance, slow-burned romance. I highly recommend this book along with the entire books in this series.

(Thank you to the publisher for sending me this ARC for an honest review)

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  1. I’ve only recently discovered Devney Perry. I loooved the 1st book! Now I am just trying to find some free time to catch up with the series 🙁

    • The series is great, Sam. You’d love it. There is a little suspense but mostly heavy on romance. It is this author’s debut. Can you believe it? Wow, So proud of her. 😁❤️

  2. Felicity sounds like a good character with the growth that takes place. This sounds like one I would like. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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