Book Review – Wrecking Ball (Hard to Love #1) by P. Dangelico

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Wrecking Ball by P. AngelicoGenres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Standalone/Series: Standalone (part of a series)
Published on: January 19, 2017
Pages: 310
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4.5 STARS
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I’ve just finished a book that I really enjoyed. I devoured and finished it less than a day, which I rarely do it. I loved it. Very few books manage to make me addicted, so I was ecstatic to find the book that made me that way. What is the story about? It is about a woman named Camilla who lost everything. After losing her husband in a car accident, she found out a heart-breaking truth about what her husband had been doing his job. She then ended up losing everything she and her husband had earned during their marriage. She was finally forced to live with her parents with no jobs. After trying her best to find a teaching job for a while but getting no results, she finally got a job with a decent salary. It was all she ever wanted. But at the first day meeting her new employer, she found out how difficult her new employer was. Hurt by his words about her, she decided to not taking the job. But suddenly he came and begged her to take the job.

What do I love about this story? This story has the elements that made me laugh out loud, giddy, smile, and sad. While it is not a romantic comedy, her hatred toward him at the beginning and her reactions of the consequences of living with him were priceless. I could not stop laughing.

“Do you have an allergy to new cotton?”
“Then why can’t you put on underwear that isn’t about to disintegrate if a strong wind blows?” Lordy, did I just use the word ‘blow’ again?”

In addition to it, there were parts of the story that made me want to cry with her and for him. I loved that the author gave a good amount of information about their past that explained their current behaviors and decisions. It made me connect with them and understand them better. All the joy, hilarious and emotional moments were presented in the best way that made me immerse in the story.

“I love you very much…you should know that,” I say through a blur of tears. He turns swiftly to face me, his expression one of utter shock. “I’m not saying that to coerce you. I’m saying it because I want you to know that if I felt only a small fraction of what I feel for you then maybe I could carry on. But I can’t, not with you. I love you too much to pretend that I would be happy with your terms. And leaving you later would only hurt more…I’m going back to my parents tomorrow morning. I hope we can remain friends, you mean the world to me, but I’ll understand if you can’t.”

and this…

“I miss him. I miss him like I miss the heart I left behind.”

Another thing that I loved about this story is the fact that it was told from her point of view only. It made me connect more with her but at the same time had the anticipation what he was thinking. This anticipation and constantly guessing (with her) made me more connected to the story as if I were living it with her, becoming her and experiencing things with her. I loved that feeling.

The last thing but not least that I loved about this story is that it is a slow-burn romance. Their relationship, from strangers to lovers, progressed nicely. I was able to follow how their feelings to each other changed and developed, as if I were in there with them, in a journey with them. No questions left unanswered or things happened too rushed. Everything was written with a purpose supported by facts and explanations that satisfied the inner detective in me. 😉

One thing that I was not satisfied is the ending. While it is still well written, those momentum parts felt too rushed. Her total acceptance to how he was reacting (you need to find out what it is by yourself) felt not realistic at times. On top of that, their reunion was extremely too RUSHED. I would have wanted more information or explanation from him on what he was thinking during the time when he went silent. It would have happened if the ending had not been cut too short. The bottom line is I feel that the ending should have been written differently by adding some more pages to give me the time to forgive him for what he had put her through. 😉

However, I enjoyed this book and highly recommend this to those who love slow-burn romance with a great heroine (I love her), a bad-hot-moody-but-funny hero (I LOVE him) that will make you swoon, and amazing supporting characters. A hilarious yet emotional story at the same time.

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