Things that Make Me WANT & NOT WANT to Read a Book

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Things that Make Me WANT and NOT WANT to read a book

This is an interesting topic to share not only what kinds of books I love but a little bit about myself as well. What are the things that make me want to read a book and discourage me from reading it? I’ve been thinking about this topic in the last week and, interestingly, I’ve kind of gotten to know myself better in the process: be honest about what I love and embrace it. Some of you may already have a  glimpse of what I love in books from the lists of books that I’ve read, enjoyed, and reviewed on this blog, but I want to explain it specifically.

Things that make me WANT to read a book:

1. When an author says “this book is not for anyone” (dark, taboo, forbidden romances).

Yep, I love unique, provocative, unconventional books that push all my boundaries and make me question things. I’m a huge fan of dark, taboo, forbidden romances. I may not agree with a lot of things in the stories, but I love some of the messages behind them and the fact that the authors do take risks. In addition, I love experiencing the mixed of emotions the characters have, the situation they are in, and getting into their minds. These types of books positively change the way I see the world. Check out my favorite list of dark romances and forbidden loves.

2. When an author says “you won’t see it coming” (books with crazy twists and turns).

When an author indicates that there are some twists and turns that we’ve never seen before and won’t see them coming, it always intrigues me. It piques my interest and curiosity. However, I’m going to be honest, it could also instantly kill my interests when the books do not live up to my expectations.

3. Books recommended by my trusted fellow book bloggers.

One of my biggest weaknesses is five-starred books, especially, when they come from my trusted fellow book bloggers. I love new releases or popular books; however, highly recommended books are what excite me the most. It does not matter whether they are old published or unpopular ones. What are your highly recommended, 5 starred books? 🙂

4. Biker books.

Motorcycle Club world is like a home to me. Whenever I experience a reading slump, I always search for a new biker book. I love MC world mainly because it is completely different than the one I live in. I love seeing these alpha, badass, bad, outlawed guys fall in love and be vulnerable. But mostly, I love when they redeem themselves. Check out my favorite list of biker (MC) books.

5. Alpha males and bad boys/guys.

I love any types of alpha males and bad boys/guys. Just a mere mention that the hero is an alpha or bad guy or the two combined always succeeds to have me purchase the book. I love brooding, controlling, broken heroes especially when they are in action to prove their love to their beloved ones. Check out my favorite of BadassMilitaryEscortsFightersBikers (MC), and Athletes heroes books which are full of alpha and/or bad boys/guys.

6. Books written by my favorite authors.

There are times when all the things I mention above are thrown out of the window. When a book is written by one of my favorite authors, I’ll devour it.  Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, Kristen Ashley, Mariana Zapata, Nina G. Jones, Leylah Attar, and Tarryn Fisher are some in my ongoing automatic one-click list. I might not love each one of their books but I enjoy the majority of them and will always look forward to their next books.

7. Amazing world buildings.

One of the factors that I love in a story is not just the romance itself but how an author build the world so the readers can fully engage with the story. Being able to see the world vividly and understand all its elements help me connect with the characters and the whole story.

8. Fantastic Writing.

Writing is the most important element. I love smooth, purposeful, thoughtful, creative writing that makes me not only think but feel. I love when the writing can deeply move me to the point that makes me beside myself: completely immersed in the story and feeling the characters. LIVING their story! Each sentence is written with a meaning and purpose. When I cannot choose which sentences to quote, it indicates how awesome the writing is and how much I love it.

Things that make me NOT WANT to read a book:

1. Third person point of view.

I might be in the minority here but I usually don’t enjoy third person point of view with the exception of some books that I loved such as The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward and The Others series by Anne Bishop among the others. They all have amazing world buildings. However, it is a rare thing recently–a hit and miss kind of thing. I have difficulty in connecting with the characters when the story is written from this POV. I’m feeling like an outsider watching a story, not the one who is experiencing it herself. I much prefer first POV from the heroine or dual first POV from both the heroine and the hero.

2. Threesome/foursome happy endings.

I’m open to any sensitive, forbidden, taboo subjects, however, a story with a threesome or foursome happy ending is not my cup of tea. Believe me, I’ve tried to enjoy them but, unfortunately, the books with this type of happy ending always make me disconnect with the story. I do not mind when it happens at the beginning and/or in the middle but it is usually hard for me to connect with the main characters when their story ends with three or more characters in a committed relationship. I choose to NOT have any happy endings over this kind. It is not meant to insult polyamorous relationships. I’m not judgmental. This is just my personal preference as to what kinds of happy endings I favor in stories.

3. Poor world buildings.

As I mentioned above, poor world building is one of the factors that makes me unable to connect with the characters and the story as a whole. In my reading experience, it always frustrates me when there is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline (plot hole) and things that could have been more developed (lack of details) had the story been provided more details.

4. Cruelty to animals.

This is a deal-breaker for me. I cannot stand animal cruelty no matter what the reasons are since I support animal rights. If a book features an animal that is killed, abused, or has to suffer throughout the story, I will put it down. However, if it’s a part of a bigger story to send an important message about animal rights, I can handle it, but if the topic is thrown in just for another drama without any purpose to raise awareness of the message above, it’s a major turn off to me.

A mix of the two above (my guilty pleasure):

One of the main characters dies during or at the end of the story.

I have a dilemma when it comes to this subject. I love the books that make me cry because I love the emotional roller coaster I get to experience throughout a story and mostly because I love torturing myself with a book hangover that has me suffer days after reading it. You can check out my favorite list of books that make me cry. However, as much as I love experiencing that level of connection with the characters and the story, I hate having to experience the torture during the reading and the book hangover afterward. It is a difficult subject.

What are the things that make you WANT or NOT WANT to read a book?

I’m a fulltime reader who can’t live without books especially romance novels. In addition to books, I love animals, music, and dance shows. I hope you find your next read through my reviews and lists of recommendations. You can recommend me your favorites as well by leaving a comment on my ‘Recommend Me Books’ posts or check them out for awesome recommendations.

66 responses to “Things that Make Me WANT & NOT WANT to Read a Book

  1. Third person POV are not my favorite either. I love some books written like that, like the BDB series or the In-Death series (at least the three I’ve read) but it does take something away from the story.
    Also the “you won’t see it coming” warning. Especially if I read some spoiler-free reviews and fellow bloggers tell me to go in blind. It’s the only reason I added “Black Lies” by Torre to the TBR. It just prickles my curiosity!!!

  2. I do not like poor world building. Many think they can just say “This is a fantasy land, the capital is named that, and now we start…” Ehhh, I still know nothing

  3. Happily Ever After

    so very true!!! The world building is so important. You can tell immediately who has skill and put effort into research etc and who didn’t. Surprisingly the third person view doesn’t bother me at all. For me that’s how most of the books had been written before authors started writing in first person view 😀

    • I didn’t mind third person POV, but since there was first person or dual first person POV books, I found myself enjoying them more. Some of the third POV books I’ve read recently just lacked something. The writing was not as deep as the old books, and the world building was poor. Maybe that’s the problems. 😞😁

  4. Drangonfly

    Can I borrow your list? I like the same things! Blogger friend recommendations, Alpha males, DARK AND FORBIDDEN?? Hell yeah! I’m IN!

  5. Oooh – I love a threesome/foursome happy ending. It’s one of the reasons I just love Misfits by Garrett Leigh, I suppose.

    The ‘this book isn’t for everyone’ thing is a huge turn-off for me. I feel like the author is trying to police their audience from the get-go. I’m sure it’s just me overthinking, though. LOL

    Great idea for a post, Geybie! 🙂

    • Garrett Leigh must be an awesome author. In general, I enjoyed the story. You know I love unique, different stories. When it comes to the ending, I felt like each of the characters was kinda on the fence about everything and their relationship felt merely physical. I couldn’t feel the emotional connection among them or maybe it was because I’ve been used to and am used to reading two characters ending in a serious, happy relationship. I don’t know, for some reasons, I just couldn’t connect. 😞
      Yes, a big buzz in a synopsis can be a downfall as well if the book doesn’t live up to the expectations. I’m more than upset when it happens than reading a less than good book.

    • I feel like many of third person POV books lack something nowadays. It’s so different than old books. I many loved old books and didn’t mind the POV. Maybe it is the lack of details factors. For some reason, I just couldn’t connect. 🙁

  6. I actually don’t mind the third person POV, sometimes it’s a toss up for me which one I like best to be honest. But I can see how people wouldn’t enjoy it.
    I love good world building as well. I have not read any dark romances before tho

    • I loved old book that are told in third person POV. Many of them. But nowadays, it’s difficult to connect with the newer ones in this POV. Maybe because I’m used to first POV or the lack of details factor. 🙁

  7. I don’t mind third person. I hate books that are big buzz books and they fall flat. I steer clear of those. I also am not a fan of dark, gruesome or taboo, unlike you. I have learned to look for books that are recommended by fellow bloggers.

    • I loved old books that were written in third POV but for some reason, I haven’t connected with most of books in the third POV especially the newer ones. The writing sometimes lacked of details. Or maybe because I’ve been used to first person POV.

  8. I was with you until the character dying part. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DIE IN MY BOOKS EXCEPT THE VILLAINS!
    3rd person is hit or miss for me! Sometimes, its totally fine; others, it makes me feel totally disconnected.
    Great post!

    • Same here. But sometimes the author really blew my mind with her/his fantastic writing. I still loved the books even though the author killed the characters I’ve loved SO DEEPLY! I hated it, but I couldn’t stop. 🙁

  9. I have to agree with a bunch of those things up there. I love alphas, but I don’t like kink. Maybe I am a prude, but I like my romance to be between two people. If I love an author, I will read anything this write. I can be super loyal like that. I consider myself a contemporary reader, so I think I tend to be forgiving when it comes to world building. Now, if your characters are terrible, I will jump all over that.
    Sam @ WLABB

    • I’m a loyal reader, too. I read every book the author writes even though I don’t like some of her books. The writing style can be addicting especially when we’re used to it. 😁

  10. Lauren Becker

    Interesting topic! I’ve read a few books with threesomes – though never more than I don’t think. It can work for me, but it’s not something I SEEK out, if that makes sense?

    I do love books by favorite authors. Some authors I will read ANYTHING like Gillian Flynn and J.K. Rowling – I need more from her under “Robert Galbraith.”


    • I don’t mind threesome/foursome. I did enjoy reading some (guilty pleasure hehe 😜) when it was happening during the story. I just didn’t connect when it ended that way. I just couldn’t connect with threesome/foursome happy endings. It didn’t have the emotional connection I always craved in romance books. Maybe because it involved more than two characters, it was difficult to show the emotions. Or maybe I’m just used to two characters.

  11. I enjoy books with twists and turns, especially the unexpected ones. Books by favourite authors are a must. The POV doesn’t bother as long as it well done. I have read books written in the first person POV and was not able to connect with the characters. I guess it all boils down to how well the author can pull of one or the other.,

    • Agree with you, Nadine. It boils down to how well the author can pull it off. The books written in third person POV I’ve read recently just did not as good as I hoped in terms of writing. They lacked something that made me unable to connect.

  12. Oh man. An author kills off a main hero/heroine and I am done with them forever. lol I love threesomes and hem getting a real HEA. lol

    My big no is “if you liked 50 shades of grey” and that’s an instant book killer for me. Nope! Moving on! lol

  13. Greg Hill

    I like the “won’t-see-it-coming” twists too and mention of that will usually get my attention! I’m not a super big fan of the MC dying but if it works for the story is done well, then yeah. Great list. 🙂

  14. Great list! Your first in your want to read category is so true! I like it when authors admit a book isn’t for just anyone–it’s a teaser that I can’t resist. Amazing world building is a definite draw too!

    Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  15. For me, the preferred POV depends on the kind of story I’m reading. I can only handle first person POV in romances and some mysteries (James Patterson comes to mind). In fantasy and others, I prefer third person. But it’s a personal thing.

    Poor world building can really throw you out of the story.

    Ugh on your last one! I so agree here. You never want to lose one of your main characters, but if it’s done the right way and for the right reasons, it can make for an amazing story.

  16. I don’t often read books that brag about big twists because my expectations get too way high.

    Also big NOPE to animal cruelty.

    And I can’t read threesomes (or more). I have zero judgment. It’s a-okay as long as it’s consensual but I get jealous on everyone’s behalf – even if they’re all cool with it. lol

    For What It’s Worth

    • Yay, Karen, we share the same feeling about threesome/foursome happy endings. I could not get myself connect with their relationship. Oh I’ve tried. Yeah, definitely NO judgement. At All.

  17. lilyakaSuz

    Great post!

    A lot of your responses echo my sentiments 🙂

    When it comes to cruelty in any form, it must only be included to support or drive the plot. Content included merely for shock value is an instant turn off for me.

    Interestingly, I can tolerate a lot more in a fictional story than a film or the nightly news. In fiction, loss or tragedy provides a contrast to the good times. Flufffy sanatised reads frustrate me, which is why I am drawn to dark romantic suspense.

    • Agree with you. For me, it depends on how the author handles the subject, especially loss, tragedy stories. The writing is the most significant factor. There has to have a message behind it. The same way with cruelty to animals. If it’s a part of a bigger story to send an important message, I can handle it. But if the writing has no purpose and the topic is thrown in just for another drama, it’s a turn off for me.
      I love dark romantic suspense stories, too. 😁

  18. Great topic you have here and I agree with what you mentioned. I will say that I do love the third point of view, but the majority of the books I read are in the 3rd point of view, I actually tend to struggle with first point of view more.

    I love biker romances too, and I think I love seeing how tight knit these clubs are with each other. Joanna Wylde was my first introduction to this sub genre, and Kristen Ashley did a fabulous job as well. Have you read Laura Kaye’s new biker series?? Its amazing.

    I struggle with abuse against animals too, but unless its a poorly written book I normally just struggle through it and most of the time I end up enjoying the book. I think some authors will put it in to make a statement about the problem of animal abuse but it can be a struggle to read through it.

    Well written books are a must, I need to be able to get into a book, sometimes I can’t so I always love it when I pick up a book I can’t put down because the writing is so dang good.

  19. Absolutely – when it says “this book is not for everyone” I seem to be out to prove that IT’S STILL FOR ME.

    I also like a bit of unpredictability in my books but I don’t want them to be too outrageous.

    Five star reviews are also so hard to ignore!!!

    Ohh, Alpha Males! 🙂 Yes please.

    Also world building and fantastic writing – DEFINITELY!

    Hmm, third person POV is not for you? That’s strange!!!!!!

    Cruelty to animals is also a huge turn off for me. Or even when an animal dies.

    I also tend to not want to read a book if there’s a sad ending – I don’t even want to try it!!!

    Thanks for an awesome list!

  20. Drangonfly

    have you read Original Sinners??? OMG! SO GOOD! I forgot to add that I don’t like Threesome/foursome happy endings or animal cruelty either!

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